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 Want to join? here are our rules

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Want to join? here are our rules Empty
PostSubject: Want to join? here are our rules   Want to join? here are our rules EmptyThu Dec 29, 2011 3:58 am

1. Guidelines - Rules

Hi All,

These Are the Rules and Guidelines of the nano guild.
If you disagree with any rules, or believe it is unfair in some way, please send a msg to the guild leader or first officer.

  • Each guild member should donate 100K of gold PER tier
    So if you are tire 4 (lvl 30-39) you should have donated 400K gold:
    Tier 1 (100K) +Tier 2 (100K) +Tier 3 (100K) +Tier 4 (100K) = 400K

  • Each guild member should donate 2 Diamonds PER tier
    So if you are tire 4 (lvl 30-39) you should have donated 8 Diamonds:
    Tier 1 (2 Diamonds) + Tier 2 (2 Diamonds) + Tier 3 (2 Diamonds) + Tier 4 (2 Diamonds) = 8 Diamonds

1B) Elaboration on section 1A:

Some members found the donation scheme a bit confusing... I hope this makes it more simple:

TIER Level Diamonds to pay Gold to pay
Tier1 (level 1 -level 9):_____________2____________100,000
Tier2 (level 10 -level 19):___________4____________200,000
Tier3 (level 20 -level 29):___________6____________300,000
Tier4 (level 30 -level 39):___________8____________400,000
Tier5 (level 40 -level 49):___________10___________500,000
Tier6 (level 50 -level 59):___________12___________600,000
Tier7 (level 60 -level 69):___________14___________700,000

These are the TOTAL cost u will need to pay, so every new tier you pay exactly the same (2 Diamonds & 100K of gold)

When we have a Castle, the guild tax will be set to 0%

Investing the Diamonds in the Guild HQ, will be done by voting of all Guild trusted members.
A new topic will be opened called voting, for each upgrade we decide to make.
Majority voting will dictate next upgrade.
Since double accounts are bounded to the same rules (donation wise), you can vote with all accounts.

New members will become trusted members (access to guild stash with lots of free resources and equipment and full forum access) only after they:
A) met the alliance requierments (Donation wise)
B) have been with us for a minimum of 3 Weeks.
C) their merc are visible to the guild.

All guild members Must make their mercs visible to the other guild members, but not to all players in the game.
Option is availble via the setting option at the bottom of the page.

6) Accounts which are not accessed for 30 days
will be considered for removal to make place for new members - if u go on vacation NO PROBLEM... go even for 3 month... just let the leader or first officer know. and leave your hero in the guild Castle ready for war.

Special Case of Guild Upgrade:
a member can upgrade a guild research if he (or a couple of members together), pay the needed diamonds and gold in ONE payment - notify the leader or first officer first

8 )
During the times we own a Castle, if you are away for more then 24 hours, you MUST leave your hero at the Castle ready for battle.

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Want to join? here are our rules
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